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Some Australian states have more jobs going than they did before the pandemic. Here's where is hiring.
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As Australian returns to single-digit COVID cases, the job market Jobs rebounded strongly in October to recover 90% of their pre-pandemic levels nationwide while a handful of states have actually surpassed the benchmark.

The latest SEEK data shows that over the last three weeks, Queensland showed more jobs advertisements than before the pandemic struck. The Sunshine State joins South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory in elite company.

“This is the highest national job ad figure since COVID began having an impact in March,” managing director Kendra Banks said.

The country has benefited from record stimulus measures designed specifically to generate job growth as Australia combats its first recession in three decades. As states continue reopening, the effects are clear.

“We have often talked about the close correlation between restrictions easing and more jobs advertised, and this is again evident,” Banks said. “The relaxation of restrictions in Victoria from 18 October and the announcement of further restrictions easing now allowing retail and hospitality, in particular, to re-open in the run-up to Christmas has led to strong growth in Victorian job ad volumes.”

Over the last month, Victorian job ads jumped from 56% to 76% of job ads when compared to pre-COVID levels.

“If job ads continue to trend upwards in line with restriction lifting, then we will see Victoria overtake New South Wales,” Banks said.

It’ll be helped by the savings buffer built up by Australia during its hibernation. Separate data from budget tool Pocketbook, owned by Zip, shows individuals have more than doubled their savings during the last six months.

Curiously, Australians also doubled their level of investment as the sharemarket tumbled, suggesting many may have netted themselves a small windfall along the way.

looks to be approaching something like normalcy.