Shair  Commerce  Group Pty Ltd
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About us

Shair Commerce Group Pty Ltd is an Australian Real Estate company founded in July 2005. The head office of the company is currently located at:

Level 2, No.1 Southbank Boulevard Southbank VIC 3006

The company also has a fully owned subsidiary company in Shanghai China called Shair Commerce (Shanghai) Pty Ltd.

We mainly develop our own projects, but we also work with leading Australian property developers and sell their properties. 

We have worked on a number of large projects for the last 13 years around the major capital cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

We have very restrictive criteria when we choose any projects and sell them to our Chinese clients in terms of the potential capital growth and rental income returns. 

Therefore, in the last 13 years, we have recommended a lot of excellent projects to our clients and as such our clients are so happy with us.

We provide not only the sales of properties, but also the services of helping our clients to transfer fund to their Australian bank account for settlement.

We also provide post sales services in rent management and resale of the properties. 

In the future when our clients decide to sell their properties, 

We will achieve a great selling price for them.